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Dubai Lecture - Instagram for Business

Instagram For Business Instagram For Business Instagram For Business

JoomGeek Lecture for Dubai Digital agencies, Social Media Lovers and PR

Invited by Dubai Internet City the 01/09/14, we got the chance to speak in front of Dubai Digital Marketers & Web Experts. The aim of our conference was to explain why Instagram is a cool social network that companies should consider now. 

However in december 2014, Instagram got more users than twitter ! So what was trendy turned into something you need to do !

Dubai Media City Logo

Lecture key points

Why it's time for @yourbusiness to #Instagram

  1. A powerful tool: It’s free, it’s now and it’s trendy
  2. To engage your community: Love them, Surprise them, Entertain them
  3. On a Digital Strategy: Go when it’s the right time

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