[Weekly review] - Time Optimization for Freelancers

Who is this article for ?

I've made those few slides for people who experiment some basic feelings:

  1. Look like you're working all time
  2. You never finish your projects
  3. You have no idea how much money you make per hour
  4. You always feel tired

Working most of the time from my place, I faced many traps during the last few years. Thanks to friends, books and more, I managed to overcome most of them. So my presentation is not the key. It's just some elements for people who usually work from home and have no one to tell them what they have to do: most of the time freelancers !

What is it for ?

My main goal is to share my experience and provide people useful tips to get more out of their time. But be sure that this is a painful process. You'll have to admit that you're not perfect and you're doing wrong lots of things. But don't forget knowing what's wrong is the first step to make it correct !

How can I give those tips ?

Well, I'm not the most organized guy and have to confess that sometimes I keep wasting my time. However, those small tips allow me to manage lots of projects at the same time along with a social and sporty life.

SlideShare Presentation: Freelancer Time Optimization

ANd how do you optimize your time ? :p

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