[Weekly review] - Top 5 Joomla Extensions 2015

Top 5 Joomla Extensions for 2015 by JoomGeek

Used by millions of websites around the web and still on the race against wordpress and other CMS, Joomla is a very powerful website editor. It provides easy to use websites out of the box, even though, you will need to add some cool extensions to bring extra features.

This is why we came up with our favorite extensions. There are obviously more than that, but those ones are the ones, use daily. So let say, there are the ones will take with us if we have to live one year on a remote island !

1# Zoo - Take your blog and directory to another level !

Zoo Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to install blog, directories extensions
  • Why: To setup nice and easy to customize blogs 
  • Where:
  • Price: [0 - 199e]

Features we love

  • Drag and drop design
  • Easy to customize layout
  • Cool options
  • Easy to setup

2# Akeeba- Be safe with the best backup solution !

Akeeba Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to backup and reinstall your website + its database
  • Why: To safely make copy of our websites
  • Where:
  • Price: [40 - 60e]

Features we love

  • Kickstart
  • Remote backup
  • Security options

3# Watchful - Best way to monitore different webistes !

Watchful Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to monitore all your website via one interface
  • Why: To safely support and maintain websites
  • Where:
  • Price: [5 - 75 usd/month]

Features we love

  • Email alert system
  • Remote updates
  • Backup scheduling via akeeba

4# Zopim- Don't miss anyone on your website

Zopim Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to get an online chat on your website
  • Why: To add a live chat
  • Where:
  • Price: [0 - 20 usd/month]

Features we love

  • Mobile application
  • Visitor tracking
  • History archives
  • Email alerts
  • Trigger options

5# SH404 - SEO Maintenance in a glimpse !

SH404 Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to manage your url
  • Why: To organize all your SEO / SEF 
  • Where:
  • Price: [39 usd]

Features we love

  • Canonical and URL redirections
  • Option to select how we want to deal with our rewriting 
  • Easy to edit meta
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