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Mubayaa - Real Estate & Property Transfer

Mubayaa, Real Estate Services in Dubai

A full project

Mubayaa is local company with who we got the chance to work on their rebranding and digital strategy. It was not an easy project due to the specificities of the UAE local market !

Project Updates

Website and marketing strategy were ready to take off in may 2015. Let see how will evolve the market in the coming months !


[Weekly Review] - Landing Page Optimization for Adwords Campaign

Landing Page Optimization - Dental Cabinet 

PPC Campaign Optimization 

Why many adwords campaigns are not converting

This week will try to go through some very important PPC campaign elements: the landing pages. We did realize that many clients come to us with very optimized adwords campaigns (good CTR, Quality Scores, etc.) but with no conversion. Most of the time people are disappointed against Google Adwords, claiming that it's just a waste of money. However, whenever we have a deeper look into the campaign, we realize that ads are sending people to general pages or even worst, to the home page. 

Adwords key elements reminder

Keep in mind that adwords is just a tool to bring more people to your website, nothing else nothing more. So if your Digital Strategy is not ready or if you don't really know what you're trying to do, you gonna waste time and money. But don't forget those adwords steps:

  1. Create ads group with around 20 keywords in each
  2. Optimize your landing page based on those keywords
  3. Track keywords that people are actually googling for your specific service or product
  4. Focus on quality score

So once again if you're a bit familiar with Adwords, nothing very new. It's just good to keep in mind.

Landing Page - Case Study

Adwords Campaign Overview

Let's take an example, this page was built by our team for a dental clinic adwords campaign. Our goal was to target people looking for braces in Dubai and ready to book a consultation. So our main focus is to provide the main information, with a clear and easy to understand Call To Action or CTA
Dental Clinic Landing Page Optimization

Top of the page and CTA

The top of the page is one of the main elements. This is what people gonna look first. So the main difficulty is to provide the keywords and elements people are looking for without trying to tell them everything. People must also get a clear idea of what they have to do on your page.

Dental Clinic Landing Page Optimization
  1. Targeted Expression: Here is the main expression we're targeting. We put it in bold to be sure people will see it at first sight
  2. Bullet points: We do love providing information this way. People don't have to read to get the important elements
  3. Call To Action: Free is a bit tricky expression as it may sounds a bit cheap. However, we usually have a good return on it. Then our CTA button is in orange to get people attention
  4. Contact: Rather than icon we like to put a clear CTA here. Phone is a good way to track conversions and it's good to provide more information 

Quick overview and presentation

Many people try to tell their whole story up there. You can of course, but I'm pretty sure that most of people don't care at all about your history and more. Rather than that, I do think it's better to provide a quick presentation in order to reassure people about who you are. Don't forget that if they came via an ads, it's most probably because they don't know you.

Dental Clinic Landing Page Optimization
  1. Doctor presentation: Photo obviously would help, but the idea is just to explain who will take care about you
  2. Clinic: Same vey few info to explain that we are a real location with experience 
  3. Review or proof of concept: Linked to the original sources, this is an important element to showcase. Don't use it if you have no original source to link to
  4. Video: A 1 min video can be amazing to showcase your products or services. No need to make a very good video. Short and straight to the point may be the key

Product Description

It's not always obvious for everyone, but I think it's vital to show what you're providing. Nice images with description will be associated to what people were looking for. So better to keep it !

Dental Clinic Landing Page Optimization
  1. Keywords: Same it's good even for your quality score and to remind people what your page is speaking about. 
  2. Photos: Don't be scared of your products. If you have some cool pictures you should showcase them

Call To Action and Footer

In this case our page is bit long. So we like to remind people what they are supposed to do on our page. 

Dental Clinic Landing Page Optimization
  1. Call to Action: This call to action will just redirect people to the top of the page. But better to remind them what they have to do
  2. Location: It's an other important element. Better to remind people where you are (if it's not just online of course)
  3. Reviews: We add another source of reviews to be sure that people know how good we are

General advice on Landing Pages creation

A landing page is not a website. So don't try to make it look like it's your unique chance to provide information to people. Keep it clear and focus into 1 element or action. Be sure that you drive the relevant traffic and provide them what they need not what you wanna tell them !

Bonus we added a chat on this page to be sure that people speak to us !

So what do you think of this example ? 



[Weekly Review] - The Top 3 Online Mistakes by Dubai Companies

After working in Dubai for a couple of years, I've realized that many companies here were doing a bunch of recurring mistakes when it came to promoting their businesses online. As a region that is trying to adapt as quickly as possible to the digital landscape, most traditional marketeers are not using online tools to their optimal capacity and sometimes develop tactics that do not translate into the results they expect. Here are the top 3 mistakes we have noticed and surefire solutions that will help strengthen your online marketing activity:

1- Facebook Focus

Mistake: Daily Facebook Post

With more than a billion active user, there is no doubt that Facebook is the place to be. For the mean time at least! Many of our customers or people that we follow on Facebook try to communicate daily in order to get people's attention. 

The idea is nice, keeping the connection with people and engaging them. But think twice: If I like a shop fanpage, does it really mean I wanna get a daily post on my feed ? No.  

Solution: Get a strategy

In this case our favorite answer is usually to ask people what they are trying to achieve. As many won't have any specific answer you should wonder: What am I expecting out of my X number of fans ? Keep in mind that a very few of them will see your post. So it's better to fire posts when you have something really engaging for your audince and then "boost" it with the Facebook Ads system.

2- Invest as little as possible on their web presence

Mistake: Invest as little as possible on a website without Digital objectives

Many of our SME customers will explain that they can get cheap websites and do not need to think about their digital marketing and so on. Actually yes, you can get a website for free. Except that you are going to have to buy the domain, submit your sitemap, install tracking tools, choose the template, add your text ... So at the end of the day you'll spend: A lot =  Number of hours * Your hourly cost. 

Even though we do recommend people to spend as little as possible until they reach they first objectives, you should make sure the effort doesn't out weigh the expense. Keep in mind that for many people your website will usually be the first point of contact with your brand and product.

Solution: Go step by step

This is something we do like a lot. When you don't have money for a full web project. Start by a simple page and invest a % of all your marketing budget to improve it. Step-by-step when rolling out your web presence focus on these elements in the following order: Landing page > Logo > Website > Ads > SEO > Social Media > Newsletter > Blog. The idea is simple: maximize all your steps to get the most out of your online presence

3- Non optimized Adwords Campaigns

Mistake: Open an adwords campaign and try to manage it yourself

Well, you can't master everything. Your website, your social networks and all your online tools are changing regularly. So keeping up to date, means you're ready to invest a fixed amount of time on your Digital Marketing. Once again the idea is good. But try to figure out how much money you'll loose doing this and if you can find any good company doing it for less. GO AHEAD !

When we add new adwords customers, we're forced to notice that a huge part of their budget is going into: non relevant keywords, low quality score expressions, etc. Usually spending a few hours on an account we know that we can improve a lot their clicks or ROI.

Solution: Define your objectives before you start and sub contract if you can't reach them

 As always better to do it yourself if you can do it good. But I do recommend people to put some clear deadlines and targets: 5 leads within 1 week with 500 aed budget for instance. It's important to do it as it'll force you to build up a strategy based on this. 


Once again this is my personal opinion about something I've been watching during the last few years. If you have your own nifty solution, or if you're facing one of those problems, please let us know. We'll be very happy to hear your opinion !