Join us at Dubai Business Breakfast

Entrepreneur Meeting in Dubai ?

Invited by Dubai Business Breakfast, will be very pleased to join them the 7th of Sept 2016 to speak about What Website Solution for a new SME n Dubai ?. It's a good opportunity to either keep providing interesting insights on the latest social media trends and join a group of active entrepreneurs in Dubai.

Thanks a lot to the Dubai Business & Breakfast team !

What is Dubai Business Breakfast ?

It is an active group of entrepreneurs in Dubai who meet twice a month in order to network and exchange about Business Topics. I do think it's a very good initiative and will see later this month how good it was. If you wanna know more about Dubai Business Breakfast, you can contact them via Meetup or Linkedin.



[Weekly Review] - 4 digital received ideas spread among Dubai SMEs

4 digital received ideas spread among Dubai SMEs

Working in Dubai for the last 3 years as a Digital trainer, Google trainer and digital agency manager, I have the chance to meet daily web experts and SME managers. Most of them are doing an amazing job to improve the general level of the UAE web. However, there is still much more to do to compete with the western SME. 

The general belief among those SMEs is that web is a kind of free land where there is no need for investments (see our previous post on that). In some aspects it's true, you don't have to spend a lot to start your own online experience.

My general conclusion is that because of an easy access to cheap services in the region, too many agencies believe that web can be cheap and efficient

4 UAE Digital mistakes

# 1 SEO is a one time process 

For us SEO is made of 2 main elements. A one time onsite optimization and an ongoing offsite / content optimization (see more in our previous post). So it's partially true that a first proper SEO optimization will help your website a lot. But in a competitive market do not expect anything without a lot more of efforts. 

# 2 Website is free

Well, we made a couple of lectures and presentations to help you go online with a small budget. But don't forget that people won't judge your website based on what you did. They'll compare it to other websites. So going cheap looks cheap, always.

# 3 No need Adwords to rank on Google

Adwords is the google ads platform allowing you to rank before the natural results for some selected keywords. Based on your local competition you may need or not to use it. We also provided some elements to help you understand if you'll need or not.

# 4 Don't need to be on social networks

Well, for some companies being on facebook is not a top priority. However, if you look deeper into your web strategy you'll see that social websites can help you in many aspects starting with a better ranking. 

So what should you do ? 

If you still think that you can overcome those few points, I do recommend to hangout in some of the Dubai lectures organized by many institutes (DMC and so on). 

So what do you think ? :)


Hackamena Dubai 2015 - The Plan A Experience

Hackamena 2015 Experience

Dubai Hackathon

We got the chance to get our project of social apps plan A selected to be part of the 2015 hackamena. 72h of non stop geeking in order to make an idea come true. The main focus of this event was the social impact of our project.

Plan A Project

We got the chance to get a team of 3 to 4 people working with us on this idea. Our main focus was to provide a new solution to allow people to fight one of the modern society major issue: loneliness

Apart of tackling this issue we focused into giving it a social twist. 

Hackamena feedback

Our experience

The global experience of this hackathon was very positive. The team in charge of the organization did a very good job. Everything was made to allow participants to get the best of this event. 

From our side I think the most valuable part was to get the chance to exchange with real geek and entrepreneurs on specific thematic. We came back with fresh ideas, feedbacks and a stronger motivation to make our project succeed.

Hackamena Results

Big cheers to the teams who made it until the final top 3 !

  1. Fist place: Heartping - Emergency app connecting heart attack patients to CPR
  2. Second place: LESA - Live Emergency Services
  3. Third Place: Globeo - Crowd Sourced Video Journalism Platform
  4. Special Awards:
    1. Takalom - Private platform to discuss important topics
    2. Korrasa - Platform to develop high quality educational content in Arabic

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Yilma, Sharina and Ludmilla we joined our team and support our project during this amazing weekend. It was the beginning of a new journey for us all !


[Weekly Review] - 5 tips & tricks to get the most of your Dubai Local SEO

Dubai local SEO tips and tricks

As a local SEO agency, we often face many questions about the best way to do local SEO and what to except when it comes to Dubai searches. From my own experience, Dubai SEO is different to many others due to:

  • International audience
  • 170+ different nationalities = as many ways of using the Internet
  • English is not the unique language people use
  • The general web level remains very low compared to other countries
  • In some fields the competition is very high even doing black SEO

So here is a list of 5 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your local Dubai SEO campaign.

5 Dubai SEO Tips and Tricks

1- Test your local SEO knowledge

Here is a test from our favorite Digital Marketing Experts Website: Moz

This test will just help you to check if you can do it yourself or not. In case of you get a very low score, it's always good to know some SEO basics before looking for agencies.

  • 0-39% Newbie: Time to study up on your citation data!
  • 40-59% Beginner: Good job, but you're not quite in the 7-pack yet.
  • 60-74% Intermediate: You're getting close to the centroid!
  • 75-85% Pro: Let's tackle multi-location!
  • 86-100% Guru: We all bow down to your local awesomeness

2- Pick Up a local SEO Agencies

Well if you're looking for one here we are. But if for any other reason, you're working with another agency, here are some elements you should review:

  1. Check the tools they use
    1. Do they use their own CMS: If they do, run away !
    2. What analytics package do they provide: If they guarantee you to rank 1st on Google, run away !
    3. What SEO tracking tools do they use: If they send you screenshots​ of their own PC, run away
  2. Check their "qualifications" or "recognition"
    1. Are they Google certified partners: It's one good option among others
    2. Do they offer trainings or lectures: Usually mean they know enough to speak about
    3. Do they have an active blog: Better to see how they understand the internet
  3. Check their portfolio
    1. Do their past customer websites rank good when you look for the services they provide
    2. Contact their customers to get their feedbacks
    3. Make your opinion about if you like their job or not

3- Know the basics of local SEO

Even if it's changing all time and not that easy to master it's good for you to know some basics. Here is the presentation we did some time back on how to get your business online and rank good for cheap.

But to make it simple:

  1. No one will guarantee you to rank first
  2. Title, Meta description, Hn tags,, keyword research are words you should be familiar with
  3. Don't expect any quick results
  4. Spend some time with your customers to understand how do they look for products or companies like yours online

4- Know how to track your local SEO rankings

Too many times, people tell us "I'm ranking good check my google SERPs when I Google my name". Once for all: Google customized your results based on many factors. So what you find on your computer is not a valuable insight. To track your ranking you won't have other option that using third-party tools such as: moz, semrush or others.

5- Adapt your website to your Dubai market

Yes Dubai is not like the others because of many reasons. But working in Dubai means you need to know who you gonna target.

Expats may look for results in their own language making a multi language website a good option. But on the other hand, an Arabic website may be a total waste of time, if people don't Google your products in Arabic. 

Conclusion when it comes to Dubai SEO

As we always say, there is no magic potion on local SEO even less in such an international place. So if your customers come mainly from the web, better to invest a good amount of money with local experts. Don't be afraid of Google Adwords or other ads systems. It may be a good option to save time and money!

So how do you usually manage your SEO in Dubai ?