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[Weekly review] - Top 5 Joomla Extensions 2015

Top 5 Joomla Extensions for 2015 by JoomGeek

Used by millions of websites around the web and still on the race against wordpress and other CMS, Joomla is a very powerful website editor. It provides easy to use websites out of the box, even though, you will need to add some cool extensions to bring extra features.

This is why we came up with our favorite extensions. There are obviously more than that, but those ones are the ones, use daily. So let say, there are the ones will take with us if we have to live one year on a remote island !

1# Zoo - Take your blog and directory to another level !

Zoo Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to install blog, directories extensions
  • Why: To setup nice and easy to customize blogs 
  • Where:
  • Price: [0 - 199e]

Features we love

  • Drag and drop design
  • Easy to customize layout
  • Cool options
  • Easy to setup

2# Akeeba- Be safe with the best backup solution !

Akeeba Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to backup and reinstall your website + its database
  • Why: To safely make copy of our websites
  • Where:
  • Price: [40 - 60e]

Features we love

  • Kickstart
  • Remote backup
  • Security options

3# Watchful - Best way to monitore different webistes !

Watchful Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to monitore all your website via one interface
  • Why: To safely support and maintain websites
  • Where:
  • Price: [5 - 75 usd/month]

Features we love

  • Email alert system
  • Remote updates
  • Backup scheduling via akeeba

4# Zopim- Don't miss anyone on your website

Zopim Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to get an online chat on your website
  • Why: To add a live chat
  • Where:
  • Price: [0 - 20 usd/month]

Features we love

  • Mobile application
  • Visitor tracking
  • History archives
  • Email alerts
  • Trigger options

5# SH404 - SEO Maintenance in a glimpse !

SH404 Joomla Extension

Technical info

  • What: Component to manage your url
  • Why: To organize all your SEO / SEF 
  • Where:
  • Price: [39 usd]

Features we love

  • Canonical and URL redirections
  • Option to select how we want to deal with our rewriting 
  • Easy to edit meta

[Weekly review] - Time Optimization for Freelancers

Who is this article for ?

I've made those few slides for people who experiment some basic feelings:

  1. Look like you're working all time
  2. You never finish your projects
  3. You have no idea how much money you make per hour
  4. You always feel tired

Working most of the time from my place, I faced many traps during the last few years. Thanks to friends, books and more, I managed to overcome most of them. So my presentation is not the key. It's just some elements for people who usually work from home and have no one to tell them what they have to do: most of the time freelancers !

What is it for ?

My main goal is to share my experience and provide people useful tips to get more out of their time. But be sure that this is a painful process. You'll have to admit that you're not perfect and you're doing wrong lots of things. But don't forget knowing what's wrong is the first step to make it correct !

How can I give those tips ?

Well, I'm not the most organized guy and have to confess that sometimes I keep wasting my time. However, those small tips allow me to manage lots of projects at the same time along with a social and sporty life.

SlideShare Presentation: Freelancer Time Optimization

ANd how do you optimize your time ? :p


[Weekly Review] - 5 Social Media Tips & Tricks

Social Tips and Tricks

1- Connect with your audience

Easy to know, but so muc harder to do ! Don't forget that you're just another brand online. So be sure that people love you for what you share with them, not for what you're trying to sell them.

2- Avoid ego twitting

To keep speaking about yourself. You're most likey the last of your customer needs. Better for you to provide them valuable content

3- Join the trends

Be sure that you remain relevant and up to date. Don't be like the guy who is 5 years late. On the web 5 years is a long time !

4- Adapt to your people behavious

Make your best to don't be the guy who speak odd to people. Adapt to your customers' standards in order to get an easy dialogue

5- Focus on your objectives

Don't imagine that because it's free, you're not spending money. Always keep in mind that the time you spent on social media is not spent on selling.

Slide Share Presentation


[Weekly review] How to optimize your Google Searches

Google expressions to know

Don't underestimate Google power ! If you're looking for specific information you'd rather ask it nicely to Google. It'll be happy to provide it to you !

Boolean operators 

Search for an exact word or phrase | "search"

Use quotes to search for an exact word or set of words on a web page.

Ex: "imagine all the people"

Exclude a word | -keyword

Add a dash (-) before a word or site to exclude all results that include that word.

Ex: dental

Search within a site or domain | site:

Get results only from certain sites or domains.


Search for pages that are similar to a URl | link:

Find pages that link to a certain page.

Search for page similar to a url | related:

Find sites that are similar to a URL you already know.

Fill in the blank | *

Add an asterisk within a search as a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms.

Ex: "a * saved is a * earned"

Search for either word | OR

If you want to search for pages that may have just one of several words, include OR (capitalized) between the words.

Ex: services SEO OR SEA

Search for a range of number | ..:

Separate numbers by two periods without spaces (..) to see results that contain numbers in a given range of things like dates, prices, and measurements.

Ex:SEO Services $500..$1000

Find information about a site | info:

Get information about a URL, including the cached version of the page, similar pages, and pages that link to the site.



Some more searches you should know