[Weekly Review] - Cost effective way to get your Business Online

Can we really go online cheap ? 

This week, I'd like to focus on one of our favourite customers' questions: Do I really need to pay for my website ? 

To be honest, no. You can obviously do it by yourself. If you willing to. You just have to review our tuto below with some useful tips. Basically a website is not a big deal. You need to find a good CMS and customize it. So it won't be expensive. But then you need to setup properly your meta tags, images, plugins, components, etc. 

So a website is free, but it takes time and time is money. Furthermore you won't have a second chance to make a good first impression. So if you think it's not good enough, better you speak with professionals.

Do you really like your website ? 

Many people come to see us with a [2-5] year-old website they did by themselves. Proud of their job (which is always a great achievement) many usually want a new one but don't wanna change anything especially:

  • The 2000s gif animations
  • The flash video 
  • The automatic music
  • The "nice colors"
  • The texts
  • Other weird stuff

So let's say it once for all: the fact that you like your website does not mean it's a good website. Actually, it can be one of the reason your website sucks.

People don't find you online ? 

Yes it happens more than we think. Especially with the generic names such as PTT company, RTC LLC. and all those names who mean so much more than your company. So you'll quickly realize that social media can be used to give people a chance to find you before they find your website. Then come the so cool SEO part -for Search Engine Optimization- and the thousands companies who offer you to rank 1st on Google. 

Once again, sorry. No one can promise you any SEO results because:

  • No one knows how Seach Engines (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, ...) really work
  • Their algorithms change hundred of times per year
  • It's a long term process
  • Some small updates will bring you amazing results but then it will take money and lots of time

How can you go online cheap then ? 

Well, first review our tuto. But what we always advise is the following; focus on what brings you money. So try to report to the following, if you have

  • Time  money  = pick up a good agency and work with them for the best website you can
  • No time + money = pick up a good agency and let them release the best for you
  • Time + No money = learn how to setup a website and train yourself
  • No time + No money  = open a facebook fanpage and wait until you have either money or time

Why should I pay an agency if they use a template and CMS ?

Very easy. Do you have enough money to pay for:

  • Webdesigner
  • SEO Expert
  • Designer
  • Integrators
  • Developers
  • SEA Expert
  • Community manager
  • Project manager 

If yes won't it be better to invest into communication rather than development ?

How do I promote my website ?

Online promotion options are endless:

  • Social Media
  • UX expert
  • Affiliate
  • Banners
  • Ads
  • Newsletter
  • ...

So the question is more: what do you expect from your website ?

  • Generate leads: Be ready to invest as long as you have a positive ROI 
  • Showcase your products: Keep the money for the design and website development


Building a website and corporate online identity is something you can learn if you have time to. However web turned into something very complex. Competition is hard and people don't care about how much you like your website or how long you spent in doing it. They visit once and will compare it to your competitors. So better to understand your website as a monthly investment rather than a one time purchase.

JoomGeek Advise

Web is hard but important. Take you time to get the pros and cons of doing it yourself or hiring an agency. What does matter is the result. But the chance you have is to be able to go on a step by step project investing each time you have money instead of looking for as much as you get as less as it can be

Reay to start by yourself ?


[Weekly Review] Instagram opening for brands ?

Some days back Instagram announced new tools for brands. It's an interesting news as many business are still struggling to use this Social Network.

For what we can read on their blog, Instagram team is going to release new features: 

  • Account Insights: Very similar to what we have on Facebook, business will soon get the option to know actually how many people are reached, how many times the ads are displayed and what's their engagement rate. It's definitely something we're excepting !
  • Ad Insights: Coming step by step starting in the US, Instagram gonna offer some "sponsored photos". Nothing revolutionnary, but it will provide business a quicker way to promote their photos
  • Ad Staging: "allows advertisers and their creative teams to preview, save, and collaborate on ad creative for upcoming campaigns"

Let see how it goes, but if it turns into a new facebook feed where our friends' posts are mixed with many business products, it may be time to look for new websites !